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Our Sustainability

We place sustainability and sustainable practices at the heart of everything we do

Our commitments to sustainability are central to our mission

Gander & White is extremely conscious of the climate emergency facing the globe whilst remaining fully aware that we operate in an industry that does not by design lend itself to sustainable practices. We are proud that by engaging a carbon consultant -the entire Gander & White group is now three years carbon certified. This will allow us to make ambitious yet realistic net zero commitments by the end of 2024. This is on top of our commitment, as Planet Mark members, to reduce our carbon emissions by 2.5% each year.

As of March 2024 the entire group is an active members of the Gallery Climate Coalition, a grouping of galleries and shippers committed to ensuring best practices to decarbonise the visual arts industry. In addition to this we have partnered with and are an official supplier of Rokbox LOOP  across our network and are fully committed to both using and encouraging use of their products wherever possible to allow for more sustainable packaging solutions whilst always assuring the integrity of the precious cargo we ship.

Alongside this we have a longstanding practice of reusing our wooden crates whenever this is pertinent and either recycling them or having them used in local community programmes such as donating wood chip to local art classes where it is not. In 2022 we purchased our first fully electric vehicle and are fully engaged in expanding this part of our fleet as and when possible. We have set up a green team to drive engagement and innovation on all sustainable practices across our staff. As per GCC stipulations we will always offer sea freight alternatives to airfreight where this is viable for our clients, providing them with advance notice of when we require their goods in order to meet relevant deadlines.

Our overarching goal is to place sustainability and sustainable practices at the heart of everything we do and to set an industry leading standard that will be the benchmark for all fine art shippers to match.

Please see both our Environmental Policy and our Environmental Responsibility Statement, below.


Environmental Policy


Environmental Responsibility Statement

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