Art Basel

Miami Beach, USA.


We successfully partnered with Art Basel in Miami Beach (ABMB), the largest contemporary art fair in the United States, leveraging our international network and expertise to manage the transportation, installation, and logistical challenges associated with exhibiting high-profile galleries and their artworks at the prestigious art world event. Our long-term collaboration with Miami Basel began in 2010 when were appointed one of the official shippers to the fair.


We orchestrated the smooth execution of the event logistics, coordinating the delivery and collection of artworks across international waters. This required meticulous planning and coordination across Gander & White’s seven international facilities.

As with each year we have worked with ABMB, we established pricing, including transport to and from ABMB, install and deinstall processes, onsite storage, and both domestic and international delivery rates. We also set timelines for artworks to arrive at warehouse locations to ensure they met the delivery deadlines ahead of the event. To minimise costs and support sustainability, we encouraged galleries to opt for consolidated sea freight well in advance.

Throughout the planning and execution phases, we kept open lines of communication with all relevant parties, including the fair organisers, galleries, collectors, and buyers. This allowed us to act dynamically with all key stakeholders’ requirements in mind, so we could accommodate any unique requests, such as unconventional artwork installations.

Challenges and Opportunities

The cost of participating as an official shipper and managing the financial aspects of the art fair participation required high levels of strategic consideration. We manage risks related to overtime costs, staff burnout, and operational logistics during a fair where installation / put – in usually falls over a major holiday weekend in the U.S. with careful planning and resource allocation.


Our involvement with Miami Basel has led to several impressive logistical feats. Notably, we successfully handled the transportation and installation of a large Alexander Calder sculpture called “Stegosaurus” at the fair’s main entrance. This required a flatbed vehicle for delivery, a shooting boom for installation, and a team of eight skilled art handlers.

It was also incredibly rewarding to work with forty-five galleries at a single fair, including global partners. This close involvement included tasks such as installing VIP and Collectors lounges and setting up main floor galleries, smaller sectors, and larger works like those found in the Meridians section.

Recent Projects

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery came to us as a reliable partner and an Approved Fine Art Agent under the NPG Framework Agreement to carefully pack and store approximately 1,500 artworks during the 3-year, £35.5m refurbishment period.

Glorious Gainsborough

Our work often brings us into contact with the works of some of the ‘greats’ of art history. In June 2019 we handled masterpieces by the great British painter Thomas Gainsborough (1727–1788). The exhibition, Masters of the Golden Age

Munnings Art Museum

In Spring 2019, we had the pleasure of delivering the works of celebrated British painter Alfred Munnings for an exhibition at the Munnings Art Museum at Castle House, his former family home in Essex.

The Wiseman Group

The Wiseman Group (TWG) is one of the most iconic interior design firms in the San Francisco Bay area, priding itself on its commitment to creating beautiful, sophisticated, and innovative rooms that reflect each client’s needs.

The Fine Art Group

A young entrepreneurial collector working with The Fine Art Group’s advisory team to develop his contemporary art collection, was seeking a 2-year loan of $4 million against his collection.

Watts Gallery

We were appointed to transport and install an exhibition of the work of Christina Rossetti and related artwork by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Leeds Castle

We were appointed to transport and install a unique 15th century monumental artwork, the Battel Hall Retable, to Leeds Castle, UK.