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Los Angeles



5201 District Blvd
Vernon, CA 90058

Phone +1 323 773 1902
Fax +1 323 773 1904


George Lacovara
Mobile +1 929 301 5478

Operations Manager

Brian Boyer

Auction House/Fine Art Domestic

David Beecroft

Auction House/Fine Art International

Aaron Freeman

Interior Design/ Private Client

Joanna Grasso

Gallery Services/Contemporary Art/Art Fairs Domestic

David Beecroft

Gallery Services/Contemporary Art/Art Fairs International

Aaron Freeman

International Shipping Manager

Aaron Freeman

Local Shuttle Services

David Beecroft


Angela Clayton

Museum Services

Suzanne Haddad-Haskin

Storage Registrar

Suzanne Haddad-Haskin

Accounting Department

See New York

Director IT

Ray Slack

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